“Just wanted to thank you both for a fantastic excursion today. Your knowledge of the history curriculum and the way in which you related this to the Hagley site resulted in an engaging and highly educational experience for our students.”   Richard (Teacher)
“Many thanks for your wonderful excursion day.  The students benefitted educationally......we all thoroughly enjoyed our day.”  Evelyn (Teacher)
“We liked learning about the olden days.  We all liked the classroom because we got to use the nib pens it was very hard to get the letters like they should be.  I liked the cows being milked.”  Josh (Student)
“It was brilliant at Hagley Farm School.........My favourite bit was when we used the ink because I was so excited to use olden days things. Like when I got a punishment to put my nose on the red dot on the Black Bord.”  Shannay (Student)